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Carbon neutral data centre

Our email servers are all located in carbon neutral data centres. This helps to keep our environment healthy for the future generations.

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World class anti-virus and spam protection

We employ one of the most leading security services to protect your mailbox from unwanted surprises.

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  • Data protection

    Corporate survaillence prevention

    No matter who wants to purchase your data from us - it is not for sale.

    • Identity protection

      Your login credentials are not tied to your Google/Outlook account.

    • Messages encryption

      You can manage multiple PGP keys and apply the encrytion to your emails free of charge.

    • No geographic restrictions

      We are not being restricted by any government - you can access our service wherever you are.

    • No advertiser tracking

      We do not add advertising to our webmail system - thus ensuring that no one is profiling you via our service.



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