Too many flies?:Decomposed body was found at a Segambut construction site

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Sep 3, 2020

It is a rather sad news but a rather badly decomposed body was discovered in well at abandoned Segambut Merdeka construction site. Sentul Police has since classified the case as a "sudden death" as there were no criminal signs around the well.

The remains has been successfully moved out from the well and now under post-mortem investigation.

A location of an abandoned well on an abandoned construction site is not something that many people know about - unless the person actually worked there. But it sounds like an excellent area to quickly dump a body - one just needs to his way around the site and then - "Hey, let's just dump this body to that well"...which means the culprits have been around that site before - who knows they might have even worked there.

But let's not be a scaremonger here - who knows, the police might be right, someone just wanted to walk up to that abandoned site, jump into an overgrown well and commit suicide.

Well...I don't know. The later does not sound too plausible to me, but hey I am always called skeptical.