Financial growth by rubber gloves...:Malaysian Engineering Group enters into global rubber glove business

Developement and establishment of a Malaysian conglomerate to supply rubber gloves to Europe and beyond.
Gloves Factory
Gloves Factory
Aug 30, 2020

Three Bursa Malaysia registered compnay set sail to establish their position in the global medical rubber glove industry. The three firms are the Green Ocean Corp BHD, the AT Systematization Bhd and the third player is assumed to be Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd.

Needless to say that after this announcements shares of these compnaies are skyrocketed. Before this announcement both Green Ocean and ATS had acquired a subsidiary compnay being invovled in the gloves manufacturing indistry.

It is widely presented that there are significant global demand of rubber and non-rubber medical gloves and with this newly formed group of compnaies this demand can be profitable met as all of these companies in the posession of significant skills and assets on various segments of the manufacturing chain.

It is however not known how this would effect future employment prospects for the local populations around these industrial units. Since it is expected that an increased output of this set of products will require significant investment on human resource from these compnaies it has been kept quiet how this issue will be solved. Will there be national or local recruitment campaign to meet the expectations of the industrial demands, current employees will be re-trained or relocated from less productive segments of the business into the glove focused areas or the staff is already trained and in place eagerly waiting for to start mass producing these gloves?

These matters regretably has not been discussed in any public announcement - so if you are interested in getting invovles with this major operation you better watch this space.